older bride

You're always 21! A look at Brides over 50..... Devon Wedding Photographer Martyn Norsworthy shows you how fab he will make you look and feel!

Over the years I have had numerous Wedding Enquiries from Brides over 50........

Whats wrong with that? Am I agest? Nope nothing at all and no I am not!

Its such a joy and a pleasure to Photograph people who have a much different approach to life than those in their early 20's. Enquires normally take the path of " I would like to enquire about Wedding Photography, I must tell you I am over 50...." no shame in that, but its so lovely to shoot the day as I would any other Wedding. Why should age define us! Why should Bride and Grooms act differently. Wedding Photography from my way of thinking is capturing a Love Story, age has no boundaries in love, the heart is still strong. To capture the emotions, nerves, tears, laughter of a Wedding Couple is what I do best and there are no boundaires.

I dont know about you but as I have got older I have become more comfortable with who I am, and this makes life so much more enjoyable. Great photography, letting yourslef enjoy life and relaxing enough to enjoy your big day means that you will look stunning in every photo!

Below are a few examples, I have many, many more!

So if you are planning a Wedding and think youre too old for a Professional Photographer, think again! Lets have a ball.......